The Tribute to Professional Wrestling


Let’s face it, the world would be quite different without professional wrestling.  There’d be no limousine-riding and jet-flying.  No one could be the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.  The term Wolfpack would mean just a pack of dogs.  Whenever you heard the glass break, your heart wouldn’t immediately jump. So this night is for you, the wrestling community.  For WPW and the Reading Fighting Phils to pay Tribute to Professional Wrestling.  The ballpark is now the battlefield.


The 2012 Tribute to Professional Wrestling

Zero Tolerance defeated The Distinguished Gentlemen
The Rockin Rebel wins the Ballpark Battle Royal
Missy Sampson defeated Zac Connor and Eddie Valentine in a Three-Way Dance for the WPW Championship!
Andy Header defeated Mark Angel and Chris Wylde in the Light-Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match


The 2011 Tribute to Professional Wrestling

Chris Wylde defeated Andy Header

Mark Angel defeated Mike Sydal

Chase Helms defeated Eddie Valentine in a Ladder Match